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Pattern Review: Felt Dolls by Rebecca Page

My kids love dolls and pretend play so I knew that the new Rebecca Page pattern for Felt Dolls would be right up their alley!  We had already sewn up the Dollhouse Quiet Book a few summers ago (and it still gets TON of playtime) so I was excited to try out the new dolls!  The best part is that these dolls are the perfect size to use with the quiet book so we even sewed up 4 new rooms to add on to ours.

First, let’s chat a little about the Felt Dolls pattern and details.  The finished size on these dolls is approximately 8.6 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  The pattern includes TONS of options to personalize these including 8 different hairstyles, 4 types of shoes and 12 garments that are all mini replicas of RP patterns (how cute is that?!).  There are instructions included on how to hand embroider the faces as well.  You can use fabric scraps, felt, vinyl, and really almost anything to create these.  I did buy velcro and interfacing because I was out but other than that I used materials I already had for everything else.  That is a huge bonus to make these as cheaply as possible!

All four of my kids wanted their own doll so we sewed up every option included and ended up with 4 dolls, 15 mix and match pieces of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes and 4 hair styles to choose from.  They helped design every step and loved picking out the different fabrics and accents.  It was a great summer project that we had fun working on all together as a family.  My oldest even did all of the detail tracing for me so that all I had to do was run the clothing pieces through the sewing machine!  Take a look at the line drawing below for a better idea of the options that are all included.


My kids all wanted a doll that resembled themselves and they turned out so cute!  We used felt for the dolls and hair (please note the blond pigtails are purposely upside down to mimic my 2 year olds crazy pigtails in real life). The hair slides onto the top of the head for easy changing.   For the clothing and shoes we used a mix of solid and patterned felt, glitter and patterned craft vinyl, craft foam and extra accents like ribbon, pom poms, buttons and bows.  The clothes all attach with velcro so they are super easy to mix and match for tiny hands.  They really remind me of playing with paper dolls as a child.

Once we finished our sets of dolls the kids asked to add more pages into our Dollhouse Quiet Book.  Our book is already quite large at 8 pages but since the pages attach by velcro it is easy to add in more.  Most of the traditional rooms already included in the pattern were already in our book so most of the additions are our own creations.  We still used the pattern pieces for the pages and the bathroom but otherwise I really let the kids use their imaginations to create.  We added in a bathroom, kids bedroom with bunk beds, laundry room and sewing/craft room (my favorite room!).  I recently started sewing with a projector (LIFE CHANGING PEOPLE) and it came in handy with this too.  I use Chrome Cast to cast my desktop onto the projector so I was able to pull up clipart of accessories (the sewing machine for example) and simply project the shape onto the fabric to get it the perfect size, traced it and then cut/sewed the pieces.  It was so easy!  Here’s a few pictures of the new pages we added in, I wasn’t able to dig up pictures of the rest of the book.  The best part of this book is that is completely interactive, you can make as much (or as little) as you want removable via velcro, button, etc.

The Felt Dolls and the Dollhouse Quiet Book are such a perfect pair and the possibilities truly are endless!  This pattern is on sale for a short time so scoop it up here and  I’d love to see what you create:)