Craft Tutorials

Personalized Welcome Mat

Our first post will be a super easy tutorial for a personalized welcome mat!  We used a Silhouette machine to make our stencil but you can purchase pre-made stencils as well if you don’t have a vinyl cutter.

You will need the following supplies for this project:

*Blank Door Mat (We used this mat from Ikea but they are also at Target)

*Acrylic Craft Paint in Your Choice of Colors

*Foam Paint Brushes

*Vinyl (and Transfer Tape) or Pre-Made Craft Stencil (I used Design ID #30207 in the Silhouette Store)

My Supplies:  Transfer Tape, Vinyl Stencil, Acrylic Paint, Foam Brush, Blank Door Mat

I wanted something simple and bright to welcome our guests so I made a stencil with the word hello in a summery aqua shade.  First, you will adhere your stencil to the mat.  It is a little tricky to get the vinyl fully adhered to the mat so I did use a blowdryer to lightly melt the vinyl on the edges.

Applied Stencil
My Applied Stencil, I Used a Blowdryer to Really Adhere It!

Next, you will just paint your design.  I recommend a foam brush and to “dab” the paint on.  If you brush it on you will most likely get paint leaking under the stencil.  You will dab on several coats (3-4) until the stencil is fully colored without the mat color showing through.  Once dry, carefully peel up your stencil and you are finished.  This is so simple and a great way to personalize your front entry!

In Progress
Be Sure To Dab Your Paint On and Not “Brush” It On!
Finished Mat
My Finished Mat!